You have given Jean a motorbike, thanks to which he can now work

Democratic Republic of Congo

The second largest country of Africa, full of paradoxes. On one hand, it is rich in natural resources (including cobalt, copper, coltan, crude oil, diamonds, gold); on the other hand, its inhabitants are among the poorest in the world. For decades, the DRC has been suffering from prolonged conflicts that have led to one of the most severe humanitarian crises in the world.

  • 77% of the population live in extreme poverty for less than $1.90 a day
  • 16% of the country’s population, i.e. over 13 million people, require immediate humanitarian assistance
  • 13,6 million people are deprived of access to safe water sources and proper sanitary and hygienic facilities
  • numerous outbreaks of deadly diseases, including measles, malaria, cholera and Ebola
  • about 10% of all malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa occurred here
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Jean Muhondo dziękuje darczyńcom z Dobrej Fundacji za nowy motocykl, dzięki któremu może pracować

Here it is: Jean’s brand new, two-wheeled work tool. During the volcanic eruption he lost everything he and his wife Devota had worked so hard for over the years. Today there were tears of joy and a lot of happiness. Jean wants to say thank you! Aksanti!!!

Jean used to work as a motorcycle taxi driver: the most popular means of transport in Africa. However, life in the city costs money. He never owned a house of his own and only rented a tiny building made of planks for $20 a month. The unexpected eruption of Mount Nyiragongo incinerated all of the family’s belongings, plans and dreams.

For a few weeks now, Devota and Jean’s children have been going to school. We are paying their tuition and have covered the expense of school supplies for the new school in Ntamugenga. The whole family is provided with medical care. They have received clothes and food supplies from us. They are looking for a house in the area, and when they find one we will pay their rent for the next six months. Yesterday we bought Jean a motorbike so that he can earn money to support his family.

Thank you for trusting us and for regularly giving us a High-Five!!! ✋ Today you have the opportunity to see how your High Fives transform people’s lives.


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