More problems on Lesbos!

Emergency aid for residents of Moria 2.0

We are now responding to the recent wave of rejected asylum applications. We help the most vulnerable families residing at Moria 2.0 in their efforts to find shelter and avoid deportation, a guaranteed death sentence for many.

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We already have :
43,143 PLN
We need:
73,000 PLN

Meet the people
whose lives we’ve been changing


Thanks to your continued support we have been able to open new branches of Good Factory and produce good in places where we can help save someone’s health or life. Read about the results of our activities below!

We present the stories of our patients, news from regions, in which we provide help, and important information about the foundations’ activities. Use the filters to easily find information about specific projects or the main pillars of our activity.


Learn the story of Rohaja from Afghanistan

Rohaja, from Afghanistan, is 15 years old. She arrived in Lesbos with her immediate family. We found her huddled in front of the entrance to her tent while we were visiting other residents of the camp with Ola, the doctor. At first, she did not pay any attention to us. She did not expect that […]

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Join us in doing something good!!!

These are the moments that show us that it is all worth it!!! These are the moments thanks to which you can rest assured that what you are doing with Good Factory makes sense!!! We met Maria on the first day. She was very shy, just like her mum. Seeing us for the first time […]

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Straight from Lesbos: a report by Dr Kosmęda

Today we hand over our Blog to Ola Kosmęda, a doctor who is with us in Lesbos for the first time, although she knows medical mission work inside out. With her we visit the residents of the camp Moria 2.0 every day. “I am fully aware that I will not solve the social or political […]

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Meeting Amir shows just how much we are needed

Amir stops us when we return with a new pram and personal hygiene products for the baby from Syria. He asks if we could spare a moment as soon as we are done with meeting the family. He waits. He has learnt patience through his long escape from his country, during which he had little […]

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Join our health intervention in Lesbos!

“I came here looking for a place where there is no war, yet everyone treats me as if I were the one who caused it”, says Mona. The mother of four starts crying at the thought of her homeland, Syria. We wanted to hear her story, but the bleeding wounds are yet to heal. “The […]

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Join Our Mission

Nothing is more outrageous than the fact that every year tens of millions of people around the world die of hunger. Every five seconds, a child under the age of five dies of starvation on a planet abundant with resources. Hunger leads to a debilitating disease that robs its victims of the will to live, […]

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Another Life Saved

Sister Agnieszka runs the hospital in Ntamugenga located 70 km north of volcano-hit Goma, abandoned in the wake of a devastating volcano eruption. She has spent the last two days driving non-stop to evacuate locals who’ve been left behind. Along with Mapendo in a second car they drive to places that have been cut off […]

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