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Thanks to your continued support we have been able to open new branches of the Good Factory and produce good in places where we can help save someone’s health or life. Read about the results of our activities below!

We share the stories of our patients, news from regions in which we provide help, and important information about the foundation’s activities. Use the filters to easily find information about specific projects or the main pillars of our activity.


The whole of Foyer sends you warm wishes

Preparations for Christmas are a special time for the students of our Foyer. Just a few years ago, such Christmas gatherings, combined with the dressing of Christmas trees, would have been out of the question. Christmas time, hitherto filled with anxiety about the new year, today only reminds the schoolgirls of all the GOOD you […]

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Let us not be indifferent to what is happening in Ukraine

Immediately after the explosion of a Russian missile in Wyszogród, we were at the scene with assistance. The missile was probably intended to destroy an electrical distribution station or a thermal power station. It destroyed the lives of dozens of families. Officially, 7 people died. Tonight I was woken up again by the sound of […]

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The Christmas Eve Plate of Good

The traditional Christmas Eve plate doesn’t have to stay empty at all this year…. 7 different stories – each seemingly with no way out, a lost cause. Behind each are thousands of people who, like our protagonists, have been brought to the ultimate brink of hunger, poverty, cruelty, rejection and a life without hope. Huruma […]

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Joseline needs your help – make the Pinwheel for Life spin for her

Santa brought us another miracle today. He has entrusted us with the life of two-month-old Joseline, who although she should weigh 4-6.5 kg by now, is still less than 2. We are fighting for Josepline’s life and we are asking you to become the best, saving-from-hunger Father Christmas for her today. Joseline is the youngest […]

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Donate a Warm Package for Ukraine

Do you remember our adventures with the van during the operations in the early days of the war? Bolt to bolt, and we lived to see a new, efficient and, above all, spacious vehicle, which now serves us in taking on new challenges. We returned from Kiev. Whole, healthy and even more focused on the […]

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Grandma Antonina does not understand why her hometown was attacked

“I haven’t done anything to anyone all my life. Why are they doing this to us?” Grandma Antonina shows us around her house in the village of Moshchena. She shows us the holes in the radiators that were ripped out by shrapnel from the bombs exploding in her yard. Bullets whizzed over her, her husband’s […]

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We ask you for warmth, lots of warmth for Ukraine

The points of invincibility are places where Kiev residents will find shelter when the energy is out for more than 24 hours. They will get food, a place to sleep, a safe shelter in case of air raids, medicines and first aid. No one is allowed to reveal their location. We speak to the mayor […]

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Every blood supply is worth its weight in gold

It is difficult to come to terms with the thought of a 17-year-old dying. He is our patient at Ntamugenga hospital. Although the boy has survived the battles going on around him, water problems and rampant malaria, life is slowly being taken from him by cancer. Sister Agnieszka is doing what she can to make […]

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Warm Package for Ukraine

We are providing humanitarian aid on site because the lethal danger is not only the falling rockets, but also the cold. Sleeping bags, warm blankets, paraffin lamps, rocket stoves, heaters, thermal clothing and high-energy meals: these are all things we are taking to Ukraine.

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