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Thanks to your continued support we have been able to open new branches of the Good Factory and produce good in places where we can help save someone’s health or life. Read about the results of our activities below!

We share the stories of our patients, news from regions in which we provide help, and important information about the foundation’s activities. Use the filters to easily find information about specific projects or the main pillars of our activity.


Over the weekend we fought a battle for water

The cesspit has erupted. Unfortunately, literally. Torrential rains and rushing streams instantly clogged the drains, washing all the objects, leaves and branches they encountered into them. Nature has placed a biological bomb right in the middle of the village, as if the bombs waiting in the barrels of the tanks a few hundred metres away […]

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Let’s do everything we can to save them!

Are there still some among you who have not taken the time to tell others about what is happening around our hospital in Dem. Rep. Congo? Can we ask you once again to share the latest news that has reached us and support the urgent fundraiser to save our charges? The living conditions of refugees […]

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An urgent fundraiser to save our Congolese hospital has been launched!

Our Congo has seen a lot, but what the community living around our hospital is experiencing now will soon lead to a humanitarian disaster. We are already balancing on its brink. The rebels entrenched themselves in their positions. They are 800 metres east of the centre. The same distance separates us from the Congolese army […]

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The hospice in Kabuga is a place full of stories

The hospice in Kabuga, the first and so far only one in Rwanda, is a place full of stories, laughter and tears. Our residents come here sometimes for several years and sometimes only for a few days – but it is thanks to you that they can live their last moments with dignity. We want […]

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Thank you for producing good with us!

The heat is pouring from the sky. The weather in Ukraine today bears no resemblance to that which accompanied the first rockets fired towards Kiev in the early morning of February the 24th. The weather has changed, the mood is changing. Life goes on. It must go on. In the stillness, as if beyond time, […]

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Let’s fund school kits for pupils in Burkina Faso

We’re going to answer every question today with “tomato”, because it’s gotten so tomato-y that we’ve forgotten everything else today. The garden in Burkina Faso, which is tended with such care by our charges, using the water and tools that you provide them with, has just flourished! We are harvesting tomatoes and effortlessly selling any […]

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Give them the chance of a lifetime!

It can’t be that not having a notebook or the cheapest flip-flops to get to lessons will stand in the way of learning the basic skills needed to survive in Burkina Faso! And yet – not every child will start school in the upcoming school year. The results? Deplorable. Lack of education is linked to […]

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Humanitarian aid for Izium

Izium and the surrounding villages have endured six months of terror. There is not a single open food shop within a 100 km radius. Residents are relying on their last hidden supplies and, even more often, on the hope that they will just make it until humanitarian aid arrives.

We immediately set out to help and were among the first to arrive.

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