We feed refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos

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We are working with Nikos and Katerina to create a safe place on the island of Lesbos for those who are escaping war and humanitarian crises. We want them to feel at home. We will also deliver warm meals to orphaned children and teenagers at the camp.

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Thanks to your continued support we have been able to open new branches of Good Factory and produce good in places where we can help save someone’s health or life. Read about the results of our activities below!

We present the stories of our patients, news from regions, in which we provide help, and important information about the foundations’ activities. Use the filters to easily find information about specific projects or the main pillars of our activity.


Home, sweet Home for All

The Greek refugee center run by Katerina and Nikos, Home for All, which we partnered with last month, has been thriving. We already have new equipment in the kitchen, thanks to which we can prepare even more meals at once. Only yesterday we managed to prepare a total of 700 meals! We’ve launched cooking courses […]

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Today is Refugee Solidarity Day

This was yet another difficult day for residents of the Moira camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. As difficult as many other days in the past since the residents have been experiencing a crisis for the past few weeks. The space intended for 3,000 people will now have to fit over 14,000. More than […]

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Today is World Migrant and Refugee Day

On the occasion of the 105th World Migrant and Refugee Day celebrated today in the church, Pope Francis talked about what it means to love your neighbor. More specifically, “it is becoming the fellow men of all travelers, beaten and abandoned on the roads of the world, to soothe their wounds and take them to […]

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Refugees arrive, we cook

Yesterday 510 refugees arrived on the island, the day before yesterday it was 511. The number of people fleeing hunger and humanitarian crises is increasing at a startling pace. In the first quarter of the year, an average of 1,775 people arrived in Greece every month. In the month of August, however, that number increased […]

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Twice as many refugees as before the summer holidays

We recently launched Good Foundation’s new project on the Greek island of Lesbos where we partnered with locals Nikos and Katerina to feed refugees. We want to welcome them in Europe with our hospitality and warmth. We also work with refugees who’ve been stuck on the island for months or years, and try to pull […]

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The Mauritanian nutrition center has already saved 122 children

Good Factory has been operating in Mauritania since the beginning of the year. We finance the operations of a feeding center run by Sister Carmen from the Congregation of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Mauritania is one of the poorest countries in the world and with 80 percent of its surface covered by Sahara sands, […]

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Emma is bursting with joy thanks to you!

Good Factory makes dreams come true! Do you remember Emma, a student from our school in Dakar, whose biggest dream was hip surgery? We shared her story with you on November 20. Emma’s dream was to be able to walk like other girls. She was born with a deformed hip joint and spent years knocking […]

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Esperence stands on her own two feet for the first time in her life today

Esperence means hope. It is also the name of this two-year-old girl, who needs hope more than anything else. She was born in the midst of turmoil. Neither the government nor her parents, who were constantly arguing among themselves,were able to protect her. In the end, her parents parted ways. Cutting himself off from his […]

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