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Thanks to your continued support we have been able to open new branches of the Good Factory and produce good in places where we can help save someone’s health or life. Read about the results of our activities below!

We share the stories of our patients, news from regions in which we provide help, and important information about the foundation’s activities. Use the filters to easily find information about specific projects or the main pillars of our activity.


Donate a food parcel for Ukraine

Our aid has just arrived in Teterivskie, north of Kiev, where out of 500 houses, only 17 were not destroyed by Russian bombs. The Ukrainian women, clutching the food parcels as if they were the greatest treasure, are thanking us with tears in their eyes that we have come. Chernihiv, which was under siege only […]

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It is Jikaze Safari’s second birthday today

The first photograph is from the 21st of January, the second from today. Both photos show the same boy, Jikaze Safari, who turns two today. You are all working miracles here, there is no doubt about it! Every time you decide to shop at GoodWorks 24/7, you change or even save someone’s life! Safari looks […]

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Give us a High Five! Let good things happen all on their own!

These are not going to be pictures like from a green May Day long weekend, although, keeping in the spirit, today we want to show off our garden, which will be green any minute now. The gardeners in Burkina Faso send their best regards to everyone who is spending the first days of May in […]

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Our fundraiser is still in progress!

The women and children left on the first train, the elderly on the second – including Olena, who miraculously escaped danger. The third train was meant to take the remaining people, but fell under gunfire. No more trains left after that. The war in Ukraine continues and we stand in solidarity with war-stricken Ukraine. Olena […]

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Today we are going back again to Lwiątko

Today, we are on our way back again to Lwiątko, a small rural kindergarten in Ukraine, which has become a shelter for children evacuated from Zhytomyr at the beginning of the war. Lwiątko needs a pump for its well, as the problem of no running water is affecting it more and more. We will also […]

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Help Marcel to fulfil his dreams

Marcel has always suffered from “something”. Visits to doctors and nurses were inconclusive. It was only thanks to you that we found out what was wrong with the boy… While the whole world is quite rightly focused on what is happening in Ukraine, we do not forget about those in our care who, if it […]

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Join us and produce GOOD for Ukraine!

Irpin, Bucza, Hostomel … The scale of the incredible atrocities committed there is striking. The roads on which the Russians entered Ukraine from the north are roads of death, evoking among the Rwandans the worst memories of the genocide from which their country is still healing its wounds. Despite two such different and distant worlds, […]

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Help Ukraine!

Our shipments reach Lviv, Lutsk, Rivne, Kiev, Slavutych and Mikolayev. We are striving every day to extend the reach of our help. Join us!

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