Help the youngest children!

Care Packages for Newborns at the Lesvos Camp

The new camp on Lesvos is full of children. They don’t have toys, diapers, food or other essential items.

Help us prepare care packages with diapers, milk formula, articles of personal hygiene and essential items for newborns.

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We already have :
51,100 PLN
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Figures at a Glance

What we have achieved thanks to your help

Here we will share with you the news of how we have managed to help and what we have achieved thanks to your support. Are we bragging? Yes. This is a place to brag for everyone who has responded to our offer to produce some good together with us.

Good is something to brag about.

We believe that trust in our Foundation is the basic prerequisite for effective support. Transparency of our work and transparency to our donors is something that we value the most. Therefore, below you will also find all of our financial and substantive reports.

Every year, we feed
1 350
children, treating them from hunger disease
In Congo (DRC), we feed at least
kids per week
Weekly we provide around
2 000
meals for refugees in the camp on the Greek island of Lesbos
We provide the necessary medications for more than
3 200
patients visiting our pharmacy in Togo
Every year, we treat about
21 300
patients in the hospital in Congo (DRC)
We provide palliative care for
patients in a hospice in Rwanda
In the hospital in Congo (DRC), we treat
12 000
malaria patients every year
Every year, we assist in about
childbirths at the hospital in Congo (DRC)
We teach basics of nutrition to
parents and guardians of malnourished children every year
We have launched a reading and sewing course for
women in Burkina Faso
We teach the basics of agriculture to
families in Burkina Faso
We pay for education of
students in a vocational school in Senegal
We host English, sewing and computer literacy workshops for
people in Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh
In Bangladesh, in the Rohingya refugee camp we take care of
children in our Community Center
We pay for the tuition of
orphans in Bangladesh
We host culinary workshops for
young refugees in the camp on the Greek island of Lesbos
We found jobs for about
people in Senegal and Burkina Faso
We have found a modern
irrigation system
in our vegetable garden (3 ha) in Burkina Faso
We provided jobs to
families in Burkina Faso

Financial statements

Substantive reports

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