High Five!

Set up a standing order and join the ranks of people who have the influence to bring more good into this world.

20 EUR

Even an amount as small as 5 EUR, donated by thousands of people, helps us to respond to the most urgent needs of the inhabitants of 11 countries where poverty, wars and humanitarian crises deprive people of health, dignity and life.

We produce good in 4 areas:
feeding, healing, educating and giving work

Where are the High Fives doing their work?

Our aid reaches more than 70,000 people every year. These are people in the most difficult situations, inhabitants of three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe.

School for girls
Dakar, Senegal
We support young girls in gaining professional qualifications.


Ntamugenga hospital,
DR Congo

We save children in the Congo from starvation and educate their parents about nutrition.


Gourcy village,
Burkina Faso

We are tackling the problem of migration by creating jobs for farmers.


Camp Moria 2.0,
Lesbos, Greece

We provide food and medical care for children, for the sick and for pregnant women.


5 EUR is really a lot

Do you know how much your 5 EUR is worth?
We know that it can save lives when it is put to good use.

1×5 EUR

is 3 doctor’s visits in Congo


3 x 5 EUR

is 3 therapeutic meals in Mauritania

10 x 5 EUR

is 4 sets of tools for farmers in Burkina Faso

14 x 5 EUR

is saving 10 people from malaria in Congo

The High Fives add up!

When we are together, our 5 EUR turn into millions, and those millions make a great deal of good possible.


‘High Fives’ total for 2023

Your place is here with us!

When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a superhero who saves people. Now, thanks to the Good Factory, I am actually doing it! In a way, this project is a childhood dream come true.

Dawid Rolla, IT project manager

I “High-Five” regularly. Every day I see that I have the INFLUENCE to change people’s lives for the better in places where suffering and deprivation are pervasive.

Lidia Pałac, retired teacher

Why is it worth it? So that a person does not go to bed hungry today, so that they have safe shelter and access to medical care, so that they can think about the future with hope – these are the things that make it worthwhile. The amounts collected in this campaign may seem symbolic, but the scale effect makes them significant in terms of doing real, tangible good.

Andrzej Sikora, university lecturer

“High Five!” is an opportunity for me to contribute to what I believe is important: restoring dignity, fighting poverty, creating jobs and combating the effects of climate change. Helping is easy. Just choose to do so. Together we can achieve more!

Ewa Hajdukonis, MSc International Relations

5 PLN a week is an amount that I do not miss. But my five along with those donated by others really does feed someone, heal someone, educate someone, and dig a well for someone else, providing them with access to water. Helping brings joy. I highly recommend it.

Marta Błeszyńska, librarian

Thanks to the Good Factory I understood that with minimal effort one can really make a big difference – save someone’s life. By regularly donating small amounts I feel like part of a pillar which supports tremendous help for those in need.

Filip Celiński, HR Advisor

The Good Factory are people with warm hearts. It is worth helping together with them! They are totally committed to helping wherever there is such a need, anywhere in the world. For me it is also important that I can fully trust them.

Lidia Loska, teacher
 Helping gives meaning to my deeds, and help makes sense when it reaches those in need directly. By working with the Good Factory, I can always be sure that this is the case!
Krzysztof Kazanowski, teacher and reggae musician.

High Five!

Set up a standing order and join the ranks of people who have the influence to bring more good into this world.

20 EUR

What do you gain?

Without straining your monthly budget, you make history with us and improve the lives of people in the most difficult situations.


The good you donate to us can be claimed as a tax deduction each year – you will receive a donation receipt from us.


You receive first-hand information on a regular basis – you find out how your High Fives are being put to work and how much tangible good they are producing thanks to your ongoing support.


You get a chance to visit the places where we are helping. By regularly High-Fiving and at the same time supporting another of our projects (Team of Angels or Life Investment), you can get to see with your own eyes what Agnieszka and David have seen for themselves..

Why is regular support important?

Our focus is on providing tangible help, not on the constant search for funds

We are always ready to help in places which find themselves in a sudden crisis

We become independent – we hear people’s needs and act where help is needed

Join the High Fivers!

Change the world for the better with us!

20 EUR



Not ready for a long-term commitment?


Urgent Help Needed

Save the Pharmacy for the Poorest in Togo

This amount will allow for equipping pharmacy shelves for the first half of the year. Ania and Mateusz will take care of this, and they will fly to Togo in February and fill the shelves with the most essential antibiotics, antimalarial drugs, and pain relievers. The Saoudé Pharmacy has people to save. It cannot succeed without your support.

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We already have :
3,423 EUR
We need:
6,667 EUR