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Hunger - Mauretania and Democratic Republic of Congo

Mauritania is mostly covered by the sands of Sahara (in more than 80%). It is the fourth most sensitive country in the world in terms of climate changes.Although it is populated by only 4.4 million people, it is a classic example of the problem of hunger caused by poverty and insufficient production of food.
Democratic Republic of Congo is the second largest country of Africa, full of paradoxes. On one hand, it is rich in natural resources; on the other hand, its inhabitants are among the poorest in the world. For decades, the DRC has been suffering from prolonged conflicts that have led to one of the most severe humanitarian crises in the world.



  • one of the poorest countries in the world – in some of its regions, people live off less than 1.25 USD per day
  • due to the food deficit, the country has to import 70% of its food
  • 21% of children below 5 years of age suffer from chronic malnutrition
  • 8% of the population in the dry season – which lasts even 6 months – copes with lack of food security

Democratic Republic of Congo

  • 15,6 million people – 18% of the population suffer from hunger
  • 3,4 million children under 5 years are acutely malnourished
  • 41,8% million children under 5 years are stunted
  • 63,2% of children below 5 years of age and 41% of women  15-49 years are anemic
In 2021, in both countries we saved around


from hunger disease
Both centers feed around


children per week
We feed

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“The fact that every year, tens of millions of men, women and children die of hunger, is the biggest outrage of our century. Every five seconds, a child under the age of ten starves to death, and this on a planet overflowing with wealth.” Jean Ziegler (former UN special Rapporteur on the Right to Food).

Hunger leads to debilitating disease, which first and foremost takes away one’s will to seek help. In order to prevent that from happening, we provide aid for starving children in two feeding centers – in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the village of Ntamungenga as well as in Kaédi, Mauritania.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, every week, we help about 70 children suffering from diagnosed malnutrition or hunger disease. Last year, we saved 550 children from starvation. Our center is the best running facility in the entire province of Northern Kivu.

The center in Kaédi is a bit smaller, with just two employees, who take care of nearly one hundred children a week. Last year, we were able to save 275 children from hunger disease.

The number of kids suffering from acute malnutrition who come to our center keeps increasing. This is due to the very difficult situation in both regions. Congo continues to be on the verge of an armed conflict, with local criminals and rebels taking advantage of the volatile situation. In Mauritania, climate change has led to water deficits and, consequently, insufficient food production.

In addition to feeding children, we also focus our efforts on long-term support. We teach parents how to cultivate plants in our hospital garden. They also learn about the basic principles of nutrition. We provide food supplies for those days, when they are not with us. Last year, we trained 900 guardians on the principles of nutrition and cultivating a home garden. We hope this will prevent further cases of malnutrition among children. We regularly visit our patients in their homes. The visits are unannounced and their aim is to check in with the guardians to make sure they have been following recommendations given by the nutrition center, such as creating small home gardens to enrich their families’ diets.  Our nurses weigh and examine the children, and let their parents and guardians know that they will be back with another unannounced visit.

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