Help the youngest children!

Care Packages for Newborns at the Lesbos Camp

The new camp on Lesbos is full of children. They don't have toys, diapers, food or other essential items.

Help us prepare care packages with diapers, milk formula, articles of personal hygiene and essential items for newborns.

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If you want to high five us and do good every week at the Good Factory, you will see for yourself how many good things we can do TOGETHER!

We don’t want to complain about the world being bad, evil and unfair. We want to do something about it. We believe in the words of R.W. Emerson: The best way to fight evil is by creating a world of good. This is possible for as little as 5 PLN a week. Really!

High five us! Set up a standing payment order for 5 PLN a week or at least 20 PLN per month (if you can, pay even greater multiples of 5 PLN, because here, every 5 PLN can really do wonders).

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1. Card payment: pay 5 PLN every Friday or at least 20 PLN (or a greater multiple of 5 PLN) once a month. If you want to make a higher payment, you can set up multiple standing orders

2. Traditional payment: if, instead of making a payment via our website, you want to set up a standing order on your account for 5 PLN a week or at least 20 PLN a month or make a conventional transfer at a post office or a bank, you will find the payment details below:

Fundacja Dobra Fabryka (Good Factory Foundation)
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Santander Bank
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Travel with us to Africa!

One small gesture can change someone’s life, but the same gesture can also change your life!

Everyone who gets involved in long-term support for the Good Factory (that is, participates in the project “High Five!” and in another selected project, for instance, the Teams of Angels), will get a chance to go to Africa with us one year from now. So far, we have taken 5 people to visit our projects in Africa, including Agnieszka Zawiejska and Dawid Rolla, who donate 5 PLN on a regular basis. They got to see our projects in Zambia and Rwanda with their own eyes. It was ten days full of emotions, inspiring meetings and memorable adventures.

How the high fives work?

The project High Five! is the simplest tool to change the world! Your recurring High Five! payments allow us to make a powerful impact around the world. Thanks to your donations, we can save the youngest residents of the Congo from starvation, bring hope to the people of Rwanda, put a smile on the faces of children from the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh, provide warm meals for minors staying unattended in an overcrowded refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, make dreams come true for girls at a school in Senegal, and create new development opportunities for farmers in Burkina Faso. This is all your work!

High Five! is a project intended to allow anyone to get involved, regardless of their budget. The micro payments of just 5 PLN are low enough that they won’t be a burden on most people’s budgets, but their regularity is what allows ALL OF US to make a direct and dramatic impact by creating good around the world every day.