The Angel of Kiev

The life of Yevhenii, once a professional boxer, changed dramatically on the 24th of February when the first bombs fell on the Ukrainian capital. He immediately became an Angel bringing help to those who did not or could not flee Kiev.

The elderly and the ill need help the most – fleeing the war is beyond their strength and financial possibilities. They are often residents of Kiev’s poorest 13th district.

Yevhenii is making sure that those in need receive warm meals, water and pet food. Yevhenii’s help has already reached more than 35,000 people – the majority of which has made it to the east, closer to the front line, where more than 81 tonnes of humanitarian aid has been delivered so far. This aid is still needed, of course, but we are also working with Yevhenii to support the poorest people in Kiev and the surrounding villages. We are working to help people who have lost everything to regain their independence. The key to effective humanitarian aid is to make it not needed in the long term.

By joining Angel Yevhenii’s team you become part of a true Ukrainian Factory of Good!

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Thanks to your and other team members’ monthly contributions, together with the Angel we can push the boundaries of the seemingly impossible and change people’s lives.

Whenever something urgent and requiring your intervention happens, you will receive a message from us. We will keep you informed of all of Angel Yevhenii’s important events and activities.

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Warm Package for Ukraine

We are providing humanitarian aid on site because the lethal danger is not only the falling rockets, but also the cold. Sleeping bags, warm blankets, paraffin lamps, rocket stoves, heaters, thermal clothing and high-energy meals: these are all things we are taking to Ukraine.

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