We're launching a Factory of Good in Lebanon

There is a shortage of essential medicines in Lebanon

The average Lebanese salary is barely sufficient to buy 13 packets of paracetamol. Pharmacies are empty. Let us give our support to those most in need!

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We already have :
19,075 PLN
We need:
45,000 PLN

See how the Good Factory has been healing in Lesbos


In 2015, 856,000 people passed through the Greek islands, and in 2017 and 2018 only just under 30 thousand (according to UNHCR). But 2019 brought already a growth – over 60,000 newcomers. Today, boats coming to Greek beaches are back again, and practice shows that you can get stuck in Lesbos for a good few years. Nikos and Katerina run a small restaurant on the island, where every refugee can feel at home and eat a meal for free.

  • There are currently about 7 000 refugees in the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos
  • At least 2,000 of them are children under the age of 10
  • Since the beginning of 2015, nearly 1 million refugees have arrived in Europe via the Greek islands
We provide more than

2 000

meals to refugees a week
We distribute

meals and first aid items

for the most needy, inc. children, pregnant women and the sick


Kasia has just joined our team in Lesbos. At the Foundation she is helping us to delve into the meanders of internet innovations, and on the island she has been tasked with developing a system that will link the 30 volunteers who distribute daily meals with the ‘Home for All’ kitchen. This will streamline the communication of the number of meals and other needs in specific tents in the camp.

We’re giving her the floor today because she is joining us for the first time and has a fresh perspective on what we are doing here.

“On the very first day it became apparent that the crisis on the island is more that of a lack of goodwill than a humanitarian one.

We visit children who have been hearing for weeks from the medics here that they should come back later. We also see resigned mothers who, initially, don’t even bother to tell us about their children’s health problems because these proved too small for the camp’s clinic. When they see that we keep our word and return with the medicines to the neighbouring tents, they finally ask us to examine their children too.

For us, every child’s suffering is important and deserves attention.

Today, having succeeded in buying the necessary medicines made us happier than any Christmas present would. We were afraid that we would have to send some of them from Poland, and yet we did it! In a moment we will hand them over to the parents. Thanks to the medicines you helped us obtain, Melanie, who suffers from asthma, will breathe freely, Louna will cure her anemia and Abder’s mum will heal his skin problems.”

You can still help us. We are leaving on Saturday, but until then we are visiting tent after tent in the near 40 degree heat and providing assistance to all the children who need it. Join us: support pharmaceutical purchases for children in Lesbos by visiting GoodWorks 24/7.