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Rebuild Our Daycare Center After A Fire

Our daycare center at the world's largest refugee camp in Bangladesh has burned to the ground. We need to act fast! It will cost us 40,000 USD (155,000 PLN) to rebuild and equip the facility. This may seem like a lot but you cannot put a price tag on the happiness of the several dozen children who came here every day.

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We already have :
168,418 PLN
We need:
180,000 PLN

Katerina & Nikos

Angels Giving Shelter

Katerina and Nikos run the Home for All restaurant on the Greek island of Lesbos, which Good Factory has been supporting since September 2019. Home for All is exactly what its name implies – it is a place where both Greek families in need can turn for help, as well as a place where refugees, exhausted by many months of wandering and fleeing conflict, can find a brief moment of respite, eat a warm meal prepared by Katerina, and feel the comfort of a safe home.

A few years ago Katerina and Nikos were running a small business, a tavern for tourists and locals, but when the first boats with migrants appeared off the coast of the island, they responded to the crisis right away. Every day, they prepare several hundred hot meals and deliver them to the camp.

They share everything they have with anyone in need. Literally!

Once, upon seeing a young couple with a baby on its way living in the refugee camp in appalling conditions, they let them use their apartment, and moved to a room in the back of the restaurant. They’ve given away most of their clothes to those in need. In their fight for human rights, they will stop at nothing. Here at Good Factory, we think they’re fully deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Join Katerina & Nikos’s Team!

If you want to join the team of Katerina & Nikos and support her activity through regular monthly payments:

1. Use the form below and donate any amount to support these Angels. Thanks to the payment system available on our page, you can set up a standing payment order and stay with the Angels for a longer time.

2. Please leave your e-mail address and a consent to receive messages from us.

3. Whenever anything urgent is going on that requires your intervention, you will get an e-mail. We will keep you informed of all of Katerina & Nikos’s important events and actions.

4. Below you will find all information you need to support sister Katerina & Nikos with a traditional money transfer:

Fundacja Dobra Fabryka (Good Factory Foundation)
ul. Pomiechowska 47/14
04-694 Warszawa, Polska

Santander Bank
Transfers in PLN: PL45 1090 1883 0000 0001 2390 7365
Transfers in EUR: PL84 1090 1883 0000 0001 2398 7852
Transfers in USD: PL46 1090 1883 0000 0001 2398 7857
Transfers in GBP: PL96 1090 1883 0000 0001 2407 2220

In the transfer name field, enter:
“Team of Angels – Katerina & Nikos”