On the Internationl children’s day let’s remember also about mothers

Democratic Republic of Congo

The second largest country of Africa, full of paradoxes. On one hand, it is rich in natural resources (including cobalt, copper, coltan, crude oil, diamonds, gold); on the other hand, its inhabitants are among the poorest in the world. For decades, the DRC has been suffering from prolonged conflicts that have led to one of the most severe humanitarian crises in the world.

  • 77% of the population live in extreme poverty for less than $1.90 a day
  • 16% of the country’s population, i.e. over 13 million people, require immediate humanitarian assistance
  • 13,6 million people are deprived of access to safe water sources and proper sanitary and hygienic facilities
  • numerous outbreaks of deadly diseases, including measles, malaria, cholera and Ebola
  • about 10% of all malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa occurred here
Our hospital carries over

27 000

medical procedures per year
We treat about


malaria patients every year
Our midwives delivered about


babies in 2023


We’ve been reporting on the difficult situation in this part of the world for a few days – from a volcano explosion that has turned the life of hundreds of thousands of local residents upside down, to the challenges of supplying our hospital now that roads have been cut off.  Today, on the occasion of International Children’s Day, we’d like to turn our attention to children and their mothers – the many young women who have a place to give birth thanks to your support.

Every day in Ntamugenga we welcome at least 2 new lives. We can’t help all mothers in need in this world, but we can make a difference. Last year, we helped 1,029 mother and children experience a safe and dignified birth, 232 of which were life-saving Caesarean deliveries. We are the only facility for dozens of miles that even offers this type of procedure.

Our doctors and midwives continue to educate locals through community outreach. They travel to nearby villages to persuade Congolese women to come to us for medical exams and prenatal testing. Despite their efforts, many women still don’t make it to the hospital in time and end up giving birth alone, on the side of the road. Many fail to leave their field work in time and once they start their journey it is often too late to get to Ntamugenga, located an hour away. There are many mothers and children we cannot save so educating the community is essential.

We do everything we can to spread the message that Ntamugenga awaits all expectant mothers with open arms! We provide comprehensive care that starts with prenatal home visits. When a woman gives birth, we provide her with a layette which includes a warm blanket, baby hygiene items, and if necessary, milk formula. In other words, we provide everything a newborn might need in their first days on earth.

On International Children’s Day, let us honor these mothers and their children by giving them a loving welcome into the world. Each layette not only gives joy to the recipients, it’s also a message to the local community: if you’re pregnant, make sure you go to Ntamugenga for medical exams!

To help us continue delivering the miracle of life, head over to Goodworks24 where you can get the best present a new mother in need could ask for. Help us equip as many young mothers as possible with the right tools and items to create a healthy life for herself and her baby. In the wake of the earthquake, many residents, including pregnant women, have come to our neighborhood to seek refuge. These layettes will have a much bigger impact than any flowers or sweets could ever have.

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