Don't stop helping Ukraine


On the 24th of February 2022, Russia launched a military offensive into Ukraine, causing civilian casualties and destroying the country’s infrastructure. More than a quarter of the population has been forced to flee their homes. In the first few weeks, more than 4.3 million refugees fled Ukraine, and a second as many were internally displaced. It is the fastest growing refugee crisis since World War II.

We cannot be indifferent to the suffering of our neighbours – we immediately set out to help!

We provided humanitarian assistance for


Ukrainians who stayed in the country


Yesterday, at a meeting with the Good Factory partners, we talked about a year of work in Ukraine, how the Good Factory has changed and how the world and humanitarian aid has changed. They asked us how we were doing with the African projects to which we had promised ongoing support long before the war and what will happen to Ukraine now that the humanitarian effort has moved on to Turkey. Perhaps similar questions are on your minds as well.

Many times we have witnessed how new humanitarian crises push previous ones into the background. Support for the Rohingya people in Bangladesh and refugees in Greece changed from one day to the next when help was needed for those affected by new conflicts and disasters that the whole world is now watching. The fact that the $17 billion in humanitarian aid to Ukraine represents half of all international humanitarian aid in 2021 does not at all mean that the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo or Sudan has ended in the meantime. People in need of rescue are still there.

But what is a person who is concerned about Ukraine, who is involved in financial assistance to war victims, to do when seeing the tragedy that has unfolded in Turkey?

We have a suggestion:

Don’t stop helping Ukraine. It still needs you very much. If you want to help Turkey, call up a friend, talk to a neighbour, convince someone who is not yet helping anywhere and join forces. Let them support Turkey and you stay where you are. Help will come and, importantly, there will be no shortage of it where it is still needed.

All of the Good Factory projects are sustained by your contributions. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to raise the amount to respond to all the needs of our charges, we feel responsible for them. We know that new crises do not improve their situation. On the contrary. However, we do everything we can so that they do not feel alone, so that helplessness does not once again lead someone to die of hunger or lack of access to health services. If you want to do great things with us, to be there where help is needed most, start giving us a HIGH-FIVE and set up a standing order for PLN 5 a week! It’s a project that will give you the confidence that you will always be present where things go wrong.

If you’ve already given us one HIGH-FIVE and another one has strayed somewhere in your pocket, increase the standing order or set up an additional one. We promise to turn every penny into concrete help.

Urgent Help Needed

Save the Pharmacy for the Poorest in Togo

This amount will allow for equipping pharmacy shelves for the first half of the year. Ania and Mateusz will take care of this, and they will fly to Togo in February and fill the shelves with the most essential antibiotics, antimalarial drugs, and pain relievers. The Saoudé Pharmacy has people to save. It cannot succeed without your support.

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3,420 EUR
We need:
6,667 EUR