Learn the extraordinary story of Dr. Elias and join his Team


Escalating since October 2019, the political and economic crisis is driving Lebanon to the brink of bankruptcy. The tragic situation has been exacerbated by a gigantic explosion of chemicals stored in Beirut’s seaport. The middle class has virtually ceased to exist. Educated citizens are fleeing hyperinflation, rising unemployment, power cuts and fuel shortages.

  • Since the beginning of the crisis, the Lebanese pound has lost more than 90% of of its value
  • Food prices increased by 400 % between January and December 2020.
  • GDP fell by 20.3% (2020)
  • 78% of the Lebanese population (3 million people) live in poverty. Extreme poverty has affected 36% of Lebanese (1.38 million)
  • there is a nationwide shortage of essential medicines
  • prolonged power and fuel shortages (up to 20 hours a day) are paralysing the daily lives of the Lebanese
We provide medication, food and basic hygiene and sanitation products for


chronically ill and destitute people


True friends are made in poverty and illness. Meet Dr. Elias, with whom we set up another Factory of Good in Lebanon a few months ago!

Dr Elias is a dentist, although everyone calls him the Doctor of Hearts. He devotes every spare moment to 260 sick Lebanese people (including those suffering from serious cardiac diseases). Their medical treatment and ability to meet their basic needs have been hampered by the greatest economic crisis in modern history.

Dr Elias joins our Team of Angels on the eve of World Day of the Sick. You have to meet him! We firmly believe that you will stay for a long time with him and the people he cares for while they are struggling to survive every day.

Learn the extraordinary story of Dr Elias and join his Team.

Urgent help needed

Humanitarian aid for Izium

Izium and the surrounding villages have endured six months of terror. There is not a single open food shop within a 100 km radius. Residents are relying on their last hidden supplies and, even more often, on the hope that they will just make it until humanitarian aid arrives.

We immediately set out to help and were among the first to arrive.

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We already have :
3,219 EUR
We need:
8,607 EUR
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