Doctor Elias

Angel of the Poor

Who are you?”

“I am Elias Harouny, also known as Eli. A dentist by profession, an ordinary person. But there is one thing that is very strong in me… I cannot be indifferent. I can’t just walk past a person who is suffering or in need.”

The Adventure of Charity Association, founded by Dr Eli over 20 years ago, today saves the lives of 260 chronically ill people in Lebanon, which is in the midst of one of the world’s worst economic downturns. The people in the doctor’s care are the poorest of the poor, who have been caught in a death trap by their illness and the country’s economic crisis, which is getting worse by the week. Without help they would have no chance of continuing their treatment. In addition to medicines, they also receive basic food, cleaning and personal hygiene products. Even these are becoming out of reach for an increasing number of people in Lebanon.

Helping is always about personal contact. Just talking to a person when they are lonely can be a cure for them. I visit the sick as a friend, ready to listen.

You can always find Dr Elias among those in his care on Wednesdays. It is a special day of the week for him. A few years ago, he lost his son. It was on a Wednesday. A sudden cardiac arrest, caused by a heart defect, instantly ended the life of the 19-year-old boy. No one had time to help him. “I don’t want to shut myself away in pain. I cannot. I try to transform this void left by my son into GOOD for others. That’s why I have given up my professional work on Wednesdays and devote them completely to my friends in need,” the doctor explained to us with a quavering voice.

“Doctor, so many people, including medical practitioners, are now leaving Lebanon. They do not want to live in a country that is dragging them down with it to the brink of poverty and misery. And you?”

“I am staying no matter what. I am staying to help, to love and to be close to families in need.”

We had no doubt that we were staying in Lebanon with Dr Elias. We knew immediately that another factory of GOOD had to be built right here. We are helping Dr. Elias in his daily struggle to provide medicines and basic necessities for the people in his care. Join Dr. Elias’ team with us!

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Urgent help needed

Make Good Not War

One year on, food and warm items continue to be in urgent need in the war-torn towns and cities. Ukrainian children, elderly people, people with special needs and disabilities are among the people who we care for every day. Their survival depends on receiving basic staple food: bread, milk, canned meat and grains.
Let’s show that one year after the outbreak of the war, we all still stand with Ukraine! United and strong! Let the Ukrainians see how many friends they have!

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