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We are working with Nikos and Katerina to create a safe place on the island of Lesbos for those who are escaping war and humanitarian crises. We want them to feel at home. We will also deliver warm meals to orphaned children and teenagers at the camp.

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Aid for a hospital in Congo against a humanitarian disaster

30 PLN

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Place: Democratic Republic of Congo – Hospital in Ntamugenga

Water and blood – that’s what our protégés in the Democratic Republic of Congo need most today. We have been able to contact sister Agnieszka, who has given us the alarming news of the threat of a humanitarian disaster in the region. THERE’S NO TIME LEFT TO WAIT!! We want to help the hospital as quickly as possible, therefore we are launching a special emergency fund raising action for Ntamugenga. Please share this message, encourage your friends to make good and – if you can – help those, to whom you really are the only hope there is.

Why do we need blood?

The doctors in our hospital conducted 130 blood transfusions in January. Most blood was given to children suffering from very serious malaria, which is now raging in Northern Kivu. The people are trying to cope on their own, but when the symptoms become alarming and signify the last stage of the disease, they bring their loved ones to us, asking for help. The cost of one bag has been 10 dollars, but the blood donation center has just raised its prices. And now we will pay 15 and not 10 dollars for each and every unit of blood. As most inhabitants of Northern Kivu have less than one dollar per day to make a living, none of the hospital’s patients would be able to pay for their treatment. You have been paying for all transfusions at the hospital in Ntamugenga for several years now. It is not hundreds, but thousands of people who owe you not better living conditions, but their lives. If the demand for transfusions remains at the same level – and it seems that it will – we may need even 3000 PLN per month of additional money.

Why do we need water?

Water shortages are an equally serious and dangerous problem. Water reaches Ntamugenga and the surrounding villages from two nearby hills. Nevertheless, the infrastructure is in a very bad condition. The pipes are buried very shallow, old valves keep breaking all the time, and people simply catch the pipes with their hoes, when cultivating plants in their home gardens. The water pressure drops and the supply is cut off for a day or two or a longer time – until the four plumbers responsible for the infrastructure locate the leak and patch up the hole.

All these disturbances pose a threat of development of deadly epidemics. Several weeks ago, we had five cases of cholera at our hospital. It is difficult to imagine what would happen if the disease struck today. Even now, every long-term failure of the water supply system results in a wave of patients suffering from poisoning, caused by drinking of water from an unknown source. Even if the hospital got independent from the local water supply, this would not solve the problem – lack of water in the village makes our wards bursting at the seams. Therefore sister Agnieszka has been supporting the local plumbing team for several days now. She invests herself in repairs and replacement of the damaged valves. She has visited Goma recently to buy more spare parts. Each of these is an investment in protecting the region against a very serious threat of an epidemic.

If you only can, invest a bit in saving the lives of our protégés, and take a moment to share this information in the social media. We warrant you that together with sister Agnieszka and the entire personnel of our hospital, we will use the funds collected to help those who need help most.

30 PLN

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