Meet our heroes Belle and Solange


Rwanda is one of the smallest countries on the African continent, and the most densely populated one. There are around 463 inhabitants per 1km2 here! Due to its natural landscape, Rwanda is sometimes referred to as a land of a thousand hills, and due to its history, also a land of a thousand problems.

  • around 12 million inhabitants
  • in 1994, it was a place of genocide – in 100 days, about 1 million people of the Tutsi tribe were murdered, 2 million escaped from the country
  • agricultural country – farming generates about 63% of income from export (including coffee, tea, bananas)
In 2021, we organized long-term palliative care for


persons in the country


Today’s protagonists are these two ladies. Bella and Solange arrived in Poland from Rwanda the day before yesterday. In a few weeks, their biggest dream will come true – to study in the country on the Vistula river.

Bella is the daughter of Ernestine, the head of staff at our Rwandan hospice, and with whom whom you are familiar. When we first met Bella, she was 12 years old. She has spent the last few years turning her talents into impressive school results. Two years ago, she timidly told her Kabuga sisters that she dreamed of studying computer science. A crazy year of restrictions and closed borders put our idea on hold for a while, only for us to get back to it right now.

Sister Marysia, who is in charge of the hospice in Kabuga, Rwanda, had been watching Solange, our second student, for several years. After finishing high school, the girl wanted to study medicine in Rwanda. She passed her exams with a score of 100/100 and could not have done better. Nevertheless, she did not receive a scholarship to study in Kigali. She asked Sister Marysia if she could get a job at the hospice. “If I had to give her a mark for her approach to patients, it would be 200/200, which means that she was always doubly committed,” recalls Sister Marysia. Solange dreams about medical school, and we really want to help her make that dream come true. We will not wait and leave the fate of this wonderful girl up to the Rwandan university authorities. We invited Solange to Poland, giving wings to her dreams.

Solange will start medical school in Bydgoszcz this year and will join two students from Kasisi who are under the care of our sister foundation. Bella will stay in Warsaw and will be a student at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. We wish them both good luck!!!

At The Good Factory, our mission is to give children the proverbial fish, but also to recognize the moment when they need the fishing rod. It is very fortunate that thanks to you we can respond to this need as well.

The cost of one year at university for both girls is 60 000 PLN. So we need 6,000 people to donate 10 PLN once a year (if you prefer – that’s 83 groszy a month).

The best way to produce this amount of good together is to join the High Five! project. Thanks to a single High-Five, which is transferred from your account to the Good Factory’s account by standing order, without any additional procedures, each member of the project gains certainty that thanks to them good things are still happening in Greece, Congo, Rwanda, Lebanon, Burkina Faso and at two Polish universities.

You give Bella and Solange a rocket and let them fly to their happiness!

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