Christmas Dinner Full of Warmth with 400 Guests


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Homelessness remains a major social issue in Poland. Tens of thousands of people living on the streets experience social exclusion. At Good Factory, we believe that every person, regardless of their past, has the inalienable right to dignity and respect.

  • there are more than 30,000 homeless people in Poland. 84% of them are men.
  • most of them live in the Mazowieckie, Śląskie and Pomorskie voivodeships
  • every year, more than 100 people in Poland die due to cold-related causes
  • the most common reasons for homelessness are: familial conflict, addiction issues, and eviction

We’ve already provided homes to


In the winter of 2021, we handed out


care packages with sleeping bags, coats and shoes to the homeless


Joy and great festivity. That was the Christmas dinner for the wonderful guests: the poor, refugees and people in the crisis of homelessness, who struggle with poverty, hunger and the cold every day. We accompany them not only at Christmas, but Christmas is also, after all, about seeing the Newborn in everyone and offering him warmth and love.

The gathering was organised by the Community of Sant’Egidio Warsaw and hosted 400 people. Delicious food, carol singing, gifts and wishes for a prosperous, better and warmer year ahead. Wishes that no-one should feel alone. What our guests need most of all is to feel noticed, not transparent. With smiles, conversation and friendship, we restore their dignity. You beautifully accomplish this at our side by supporting the Warm Package every year, which has provided warmth to over 250 people this winter!

Thank you!!!

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