Christmas Eve Plate of Good


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Category: We feed
Place: Poland – help to people in a homeless crisis

At the Good Factory, we dream of having a Christmas Eve Plate of Good on every table this year and one of our charges symbolically seated at it. The Christmas Eve Plate of Goodness is not only an invitation for Momtaz, Gisele, Meshaka, Mohamedjo, Charbel, Darek, Melat, Maria Odile or Marcel to take a seat at our Christmas Eve tables, but alsoreal help, tailored to their needs. It’s about restoring our charges’ hopes, dreams and faith in one more Christmas.

Here are nine different stories of our charges; each one seemed a hopeless, lost cause. Behind each are thousands of others who, like our protagonists, have been brought to the ultimate brink of hunger, poverty, cruelty, rejection, a life without hope.

Momtaz, 40 years old, Bangladesh
Momtaz cruelly lost her husband and sons during ethnic cleansing in Burma. Without basic rights, she struggles to survive in the world’s largest refugee camp. By inviting Momtaz to your Christmas Eve table, you are funding food products that will enable her to prepare a nutritious meal.

Gisele, 9 years old, Burkina Faso
Gisele suffers from epileptic seizures and has difficulty speaking. For years, fingers were pointed at her because of this. The local shaman was unable to help her. By inviting Gisele to the Christmas Eve table, you are providing the girl with neurological care and classes with a speech therapist.

Jikaze Safari, 4 years old, Democratic Republic of Congo
A year ago, the boy arrived at the nutrition centre on the brink of life and death, but his story is still being written. Through massive problems with his digestive system, his condition is still not stable. By inviting Safari to your Christmas Eve table, you are supporting his nutritional therapy, which will help the boy gain weight and make life-saving surgery possible.

Mohamedjo, 12 years old, Greece
Mohamedjo is a refugee. His horizon became the barbed wire of a camp on the island of Lesbos. Despite finding himself trapped, he does not tolerate idleness. He helps us distribute food to the most vulnerable. By inviting Mohamedjo to the Christmas Eve table, you fund meals for the most needy refugees and give Mohamedjo the feeling that he is needed.

Fawzi Breidy, 80 years old, Lebanon
Fawzi has lived to see his country go bankrupt. The Lebanese man has only a disabled son. He sees him once a month. They simply cannot afford more meetings. By inviting a senior citizen to the Christmas table, you give them a sense of security – you give them medicine, food and the reassurance that there is someone in the world who cares about them.

Darek, 43, Poland
Darek is a person in the crisis of homelessness. He lost his beloved Agnieszka, who was with him for better and for worse. Frostbite took his leg and he is still fighting to save the other one. Today he moves around in a wheelchair. He dreams of a prosthesis and of not being alone. By inviting Darek to the Christmas Eve table, you provide the man with a Warm Package that will allow him to survive the winter safely.

Melat, 9 years old, Rwanda
Melat’s happy childhood was cut short by a head injury during innocent play. She is completely paralysed. By inviting little Melat to the Christmas Eve table, you are funding rehabilitation sessions and the most necessary medication, without which the little one’s condition will not improve.

Marie Odile, 20 years old Senegal
Marie has had problems with her leg since she was a child, which prevented her from studying. Our vocational school has given her the chance to complete her education and get a job. By inviting Marie Odile to the Christmas Eve table, you are supporting her education in her third year of vocational school and the diagnosis of her leg problems.

Marcel, 22 years old from Togo
Marcel has entered agricultural school despite having a serious genetic condition. He suffers from sickle cell anaemia and receives psychiatric treatment. He takes care of his younger sister. By inviting Marcel to the Christmas Eve table, you are providing him with a healthy, balanced diet, necessary for his conditions, and supporting his mental wellbeing.

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