A meal for a single mother fleeing war


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Place: Democratic Republic of Congo – Nutrition center

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is an ongoing conflict between rebels and the army that is destroying farmland and threatening entire families. Single mothers who have been internally displaced are in a dramatic situation. Many of them are trying to feed their infants, even though they themselves are on the verge of hunger disease and their milk is unable to nourish their children. All this is the result of fighting, destroyed water sources and crops. These women have lost everything.

Mother’s hunger is inherited. When a mother is undernourished, she struggles to produce milk, leading to her child’s malnutrition. The trauma of prolonged hunger causes changes in the structure and functioning of the child’s brain. We make every effort to break this cycle.

Your donation covers basic products with which a woman can prepare a meal: flour to make gruel, sugar, oil, rice and beans. We often supply women with charcoal and pots so that they can prepare their own meals. The poorest women in the nutrition center additionally receive vegetables, bananas, fish and meat, which are very expensive here (1 kg = $5).

Donate a plate of food that is a lifesaver for both woman and child. Support is urgently needed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What % of my donation will go towards aid?

Your entire donation goes directly towards aid and is not a source of income for the Good Factory Foundation. If you’d like to support the Foundation’s statutory goals click here..

Can I support those in need without giving my personal information?

We have provided an online form for your convenience, partly so that we can send you donation confirmations at the end of the year for tax deduction purposes. However, if you wish to support those in need via a traditional bank transfer, you can use the following account numbers:

Account for payments in PLN: 45 1090 1883 0000 0001 2390 7365

Account for payments in EUR: 84 1090 1883 0000 0001 2398 7852

Account for payments in USD: 46 1090 1883 0000 0001 2398 7857



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