Fulfill a mother’s dream

Feed her hungry child!

For generations now millions of mothers have been suffering from hunger, unable to break free from the destructive legacy of war and extreme poverty.

Since the beginning of Good Factory’s activities, we’ve saved tens of thousands of children. Every day, we take in more and more patients. It is only thanks to your help that our doors stay open to anyone who needs our help.

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We already have :
20,092 PLN
We need:
20,000 PLN


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Officially, there are nearly 3,000 homeless people in Warsaw, but organizations providing help estimate the actual number could be double that. Every year, more than 100 people freeze to death in Poland. The main causes of homelessness are eviction, family conflicts, substance abuse or the inability to find a stable job/unemployment.

There are nearly

33 000

homeless people in Poland
We provide jobs
We feed