Sister Carmen

Angel saving children

Meet an extraordinary woman! Warm, always smiling, fully committed to her work on behalf of the most needy – sister Carmen. She is from Spain and a member of the congregation of Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary; since 1977, she has worked on missions, feeding the hungry and struggling with the consequences of malnutrition, which in Mauritania is a very common problem.

Thanks to commitment of sister Carmen to the nutrition center in the town of Kaedi, the problem of hunger disease in the area has been alleviated, as the center provides a balanced diet for the youngest patients and raises awareness among all inhabitants. Apart from treatment of hunger disease, the center offers lectures and trainings in nutrition, cooking, hygiene and the first symptoms of health problems in children.

Thanks to the work of sister Carmen and the entire center, it has been possible to minimize the problem of hunger in the area. 

At the center, the Sister also cares for children facing a difficult family situation, orphans, half-orphans and disabled children.

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Make Good Not War

One year on, food and warm items continue to be in urgent need in the war-torn towns and cities. Ukrainian children, elderly people, people with special needs and disabilities are among the people who we care for every day. Their survival depends on receiving basic staple food: bread, milk, canned meat and grains.
Let’s show that one year after the outbreak of the war, we all still stand with Ukraine! United and strong! Let the Ukrainians see how many friends they have!

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