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A country in western Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. It became independent of France on the 4th of April 1960. It is one of the most politically stable countries in Africa. Nevertheless, it remains among the countries with the lowest level of social development. Almost a half of the country’s area is occupied by farming land, but farming is becoming increasingly difficult due to frequent climate shocks. The highest temperature of 48.8 °C has been recorded in Matam.

  • 38% of the society lives below the threshold of poverty, that is, for less than 1.90 USD per day
  • the employment rate in Senegal is 50.6%
  • 44% of the working population is engaged in farming
  • only 13.9% of the population aged 25 or more has any post-elementary education
  • the literacy index among the youth aged 15 to 24 is 69.8%
We pay for education of

56 girls

at the vocational school in Dakar


of our graduates work in their profession


“This is a great place to be. I’m doing what I love!” says Marie Therese, sitting at a sewing machine in a small tailoring workshop at a vocational school in Dakar. The Good Factory has been supporting this place for many years. Two years ago, a wooden hut along with professional sewing and embroidery machines arrived here by container from Poland. Young women from the poorest parts of Senegal now have a dream workshop to develop their sewing skills.

The hangers and shelves in the studio are full of colourful batik, from which dresses, bags and kitchen aprons are made. But things were not so colourful in Marie Therese’s life before. The girl did not have an easy childhood. Up to a certain age, she was raised by her mother, but when she met a new partner, her daughter became a burden. She no longer remembers how many times she had to move. She was looked after by an aunt, a grandmother, then another aunt. Finally, she heard about a school for girls in Dakar that offered a chance to make her dreams come true, and dreams she had many. She was determined to try. She dreamed of becoming a seamstress, having a job, designing and creating things that people would enjoy. Today she sews bags, which you can buy in our Good Factory shop.

By reaching for one of Marie Therese’s bags, you set in motion a real chain of good – you give another young girl the chance to walk the same path that Marie Therese walked in pursuit of her dreams.

See for yourselves that GOOD comes back!

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