Our work at the camp on the Greek island of Lesbos is gaining momentum


In 2015, 856,000 people passed through the Greek islands, and in 2017 and 2018 only just under 30 thousand (according to UNHCR). But 2019 brought already a growth – over 60,000 newcomers. Today, boats coming to Greek beaches are back again, and practice shows that you can get stuck in Lesbos for a good few years. Nikos and Katerina run a small restaurant on the island, where every refugee can feel at home and eat a meal for free.

  • There are currently over 2200 refugees in the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos
  • At least half of them are children
  • Since the beginning of 2015, nearly 1 million refugees have arrived in Europe via the Greek islands
We provide more than


meals to refugees a day
We distribute

meals and first aid items

for the most needy, inc. children, pregnant women and the sick


Our work in the camp on the Greek island of Lesbos is gaining momentum. Today, Ola examined more little patients, who are growing in numbers every day. We’ve seen all these kids around here for the past few days, but so far their mums haven’t wanted our help. They did not know how to trust us.

There are many who listen closely to the needs of the camp’s residents yet never come back. After seeing that, as promised, we delivered a new pram, clothes and personal hygiene products for Mimi’s son, and that we added her diabetic neighbour to a list thanks to which she will receive a special meal every day from now on, they have started to have faith in us.

Today we were moved when we saw a group of mothers waiting for our arrival. They asked to have their children examined. We know that there will be more of them again tomorrow.

In order to take good care of the needs of all our little patients, we need your help. There is no easier way to do this than by visiting GoodWorks 24/7 and taking 2 minutes to provide the help that young mums have been helplessly seeking here for a long time. Join us! Let us help them together!

Help a little girl utter her first sentence

Speech therapy for Gisele

Gisele's mother has not been able to find the reason why Gisele does not speak and experiences seizures during which she falls, becomes rigid and cries. Lack of money for diagnostics meant that she could only wait for the seizures to pass. We could not accept such powerlessness.

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