A building block for the olive oil mill in Lesbos


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Category: We provide jobs
Place: Greece – help for refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos

A few years ago, at the height of the influx of immigrants to the Greek islands, Nikos and Katerina’s taverna became ‘Home for All’: a restaurant and home where every refugee can eat a hot meal for free and take a break from the hopeless reality of the camp. Now a newly built olive oil mill is to provide work for those who are stuck on the island for good.

The Good Factory, together with Home for All, is launching another real factory of good that will provide refugees with work, pay for their insurance and teach them new skills.

Everything is almost ready, including permits, premises and equipment.

To get our little production line up and running some final touches are needed, along with a few more machines to seal the bottles and secure the caps. The olive oil will set off into the world with information on the label about how the product was created by people who escaped the hell of war and persecution and found friends and new opportunities in life.

Every contribution to the olive oil mill means new opportunities for people who have fled danger and violence in their homelands and made their way to Europe.



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