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On the 24th of February 2022, Russia launched a military offensive into Ukraine, causing civilian casualties and destroying the country’s infrastructure. More than a quarter of the population has been forced to flee their homes. In the first few weeks, more than 4.3 million refugees fled Ukraine, and a second as many were internally displaced. It is the fastest growing refugee crisis since World War II.

We cannot be indifferent to the suffering of our neighbours – we immediately set out to help!

In the first days of the war we delivered


loaves of bread for the inhabitants of Kyiv
We sent over

20 tons

of food to the areas affected by the conflict
We take care of


children evacuated from the orphanage in Zhytomyr


The heat is pouring from the sky. The weather in Ukraine today bears no resemblance to that which accompanied the first rockets fired towards Kiev in the early morning of February the 24th. The weather has changed, the mood is changing. Life goes on. It must go on. In the stillness, as if beyond time, stand buildings torn apart by bombs and cars consumed by fire. Frozen in the most horrific moment, they still bring back the dramatic moments of families fleeing in cars filled with their belongings. The bodies are no longer there. They have been buried, but the broken china, children’s shoes and bicycles, are still there. The pain remains.

No one should be in any doubt any more about what is currently happening. How cruelly, disregarding all rules (if war can have any rules), Russia has invaded Ukraine. The latter is celebrating its independence today, which, ironically, coincides with six months of fighting. We must not forget today those for whom the attacks stopped time, took away hope, possessions, lives. Nor can we forget those for whom this tragedy is still ongoing. They are there, and although we have all grown accustomed to war at our neighbours’, we cannot consider it normal. We cannot turn our heads, lower the blinds and drown out the injustice that is happening outside the walls.

The Good Factory has been with those most in need since the first hours of the war. At the beginning, we ourselves did not know what to get hold of and who needed it most. We set off to the border to find out. For the first weeks we fed and gave warmth to those fleeing the war. Sometimes we were simply with them, standing in line on those frostiest nights to cross to the Polish side of the border. Later, we listened to the needs of those left behind in Kiev, Lugansk, Mykolayiv, Slavutych, Lubny, Chernikhov, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Kharkiv and Odessa.

Thanks to you, we can respond to requests for help. We are constantly in the process of receiving, packing and shipping. Several large shipments, tens of tonnes of basic necessities: food products, diapers, children’s clothes, cleaning products, blankets, torches, powerbanks. The hospitals in Odessa and Kramatorsk received surgical equipment, an electrocoagulator, an infusion pump, portable ultrasound, an X-ray machine and an artificial kidney for the children’s ward. We have already rebuilt hope and a sense of security with a sum of over PLN 1,000,000.

Thank you for producing good with us! If there is anything else we can ask of you, please give us a high-five! It is largely thanks to your fives that we have always been ready to help in places where a crisis has suddenly arisen. We are not asking for something that will put a significant strain on your budget. Even an amount as small as PLN 5, but donated to us regularly, once a week, allows every high-fiver to give very concrete help where it is needed most! We can see how much our high-fives budget has shrunk. Today we urgently need your decision to help us rebuild it!

Urgent help needed

Warm Package for Ukraine

We are providing humanitarian aid on site because the lethal danger is not only the falling rockets, but also the cold. Sleeping bags, warm blankets, paraffin lamps, rocket stoves, heaters, thermal clothing and high-energy meals: these are all things we are taking to Ukraine.

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We already have :
17,709 EUR
We need:
22,222 EUR
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