Donate at least one hot meal for Marzeh and several hundred others


In 2015, 856,000 people passed through the Greek islands, and in 2017 and 2018 only just under 30 thousand (according to UNHCR). But 2019 brought already a growth – over 60,000 newcomers. Today, boats coming to Greek beaches are back again, and practice shows that you can get stuck in Lesbos for a good few years. Nikos and Katerina run a small restaurant on the island, where every refugee can feel at home and eat a meal for free.

  • There are currently over 2200 refugees in the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos
  • At least half of them are children
  • Since the beginning of 2015, nearly 1 million refugees have arrived in Europe via the Greek islands
We provide more than


meals to refugees a day
We distribute

meals and first aid items

for the most needy, inc. children, pregnant women and the sick


Sometimes all we can do is cry with these people. Sometimes what they need most of all is for someone to finally listen to them, to embrace them and to say nothing. After all, we know that tomorrow will not be better. It will be worse. A rejected asylum application is a sentence for many of the camp’s residents. A child’s illness in such difficult conditions means suffering for the whole family, made worse by feelings of helplessness, of having their hands tied, wanting to do everything for the child, but being unable to do anything.

Marzeh is from Afghanistan and has been at the camp for two years. A few weeks before she embarked on her long journey, her daughter was born. With the baby in her arms, she endured the worst journey of her life. She had to flee because she wanted to live, and she did have someone to live for. Yesterday we found Marzeh huddled up behind her tent. She did not know what was happening with her. Upon hearing that her daughter had been diagnosed with a chronic illness by doctors that morning, her body simply gave up. She did not ask for anything. When we passed her, she wanted to remain invisible. After a short conversation she agreed to be examined. She received medicines and recommendations from doctor Ola. We put her on the meal list to rebuild her exhausted body a bit. Today we returned again, although she did not expect that at all. She couldn’t remember the last time someone took interest in her problems. Marzeh is feeling better now. She started trusting us and invited us in. She apologized for not wanting to talk to us yesterday.

Today we gave Marzeh everything we could have, and most importantly, something she hadn’t received in a long time – attention. We will visit her again tomorrow. We will also see what we can do for her daughter.

That is how we, together with Home for All, provide help here. Only by taking the time to listen to other people’s needs can we respond to them properly. Help us to continue doing this work. Support the fundraiser launched today on our website. Donate at least one hot meal for Marzeh and several hundred others. Reaching out to these people means a great deal to them.

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