A bouquet of good


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Category: We provide jobs
Place: Senegal – Foyer s. Maria Goretti School for Girls

Women around the world carry similar desires in their hearts. Health and safety, a peaceful life, and happiness for their children. Not all get the opportunity to make these dreams come true. Give a Bouquet of Good and help women from the poorest regions in the world fulfill these dreams.

We, women and girls under the care of the Good Factory Foundation, were born and live in various parts of the world. Our dreams are just like yours: we dream of a good job, recovering from an illness or about having a kitchen to feed our family and friends every day.

We are thankful for every friendly person, who comes into our lives. We often look into the sky, wondering who you are – you, the people, who help us make our dreams come true… We have no chance of getting to know you in person, but we carry you in our hearts and we send you plenty of virtual smiles, wishing that fate gives you more than you have given to us – as much as you are able to accept.

Every opportunity is good to show you how proud we are of “our” girls and women, whom we support with the projects of Good Factory Foundation. Each of them has her story, her plans and dreams. They are mothers, students, nurses… but first of all, they are women. Unfortunately, in most cases these women live in difficult conditions. Some of them are deprived of basic civil rights. Each of them dreams of a better, dignified life, full of respect and not contempt and discrimination.

They deserve a beautiful bouquet: a bouquet of good which we would like to send them together on this special day.

It is worth more than just money. Give someone a chance for a better life, which is so hard to get in this region of the world.

If you want to give “our” girls and women a chance for a better future, join our action #bukietdobra and buy a bouquet to change their lives at our store dobroczynne24.pl.



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