Famine in Mauritania. We are coming to the children's rescue!

Don't let another child starve to death

At the nutrition centre in Kaédi, for the first time in a long while, a several-month-old baby could not be saved. Little Mariam came into our care too late. The number of starving children is constantly rising! Feed a hungry child with us!

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We already have :
10,365 PLN
We need:
10,000 PLN


Rehabilitation Angel

Before he started working at the hospice, Emmanuel worked for the first year after his graduation from rehabilitation school at a centre for children with autism. The next three years he worked with disabled people. He liked his job very much, but when he found out that there was a vacancy in the hospice and that we were looking for a rehabilitation therapist who was not afraid of palliative patients, he applied to us.

I want to help patients live to the fullest and smile until the end.

It was immediately obvious that he was a young man, but with a lot of experience in working with patients. His gentleness and love were immediately felt by the patients. He is very calm by nature, likes music and books on rehabilitation.

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