The camp's residents need help

We feed the refugees in Lesbos!

The residents of Camp Moria 2.0. face enormous problems on a daily basis, but these cannot be resolved if they do not relieve their hunger first. Every meal you purchase will increase our capacity. Our dream is to be able to deliver meals to everyone every day.

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We already have :
38,022 PLN
We need:
38,000 PLN

The Mauritanian nutrition center has already saved 122 children


A country in northwestern Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean, in the Sahel zone. Mauritania is mostly covered by the sands of Sahara (in more than 80%). It is the fourth most sensitive country in the world in terms of climate changes. The recurring cycles of long-term drought (resulting in degradation of natural resources) and the aggravating water deficit additionally contribute to lack of food safety, from which the country suffers. Although it is populated by only 4.4 million people, it is a classic example of the problem of hunger caused by poverty and insufficient production of food.

  • one of the poorest countries in the world – in some of its regions, people live off less than 1.25 USD per day
  • due to the food deficit, the country has to import 70% of its food
  • 21% of children below 5 years of age suffer from chronic malnutrition
  • 8% of the population in the dry season – which lasts even 6 months – copes with lack of food security
In 2020, we helped


children suffering from hunger or moderate malnutrition
We also provided medical care to about

a dozen

people with disabilities


Good Factory has been operating in Mauritania since the beginning of the year. We finance the operations of a feeding center run by Sister Carmen from the Congregation of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Mauritania is one of the poorest countries in the world and with 80 percent of its surface covered by Sahara sands, it is difficult to produce enough food to feed everyone, even though this country has a population of just 4 million. As a result, one in three Mauritanians lives below the poverty line, and one in four children under the age of five suffers from malnutrition.

We must be there and continue to provide everyone with equal chances. In just the past few months, we’ve already saved the lives of 122 people, 65 of whom are still under our care. Thanks to you we have also managed to buy several hundred kilograms of flour, rice, sugar, nuts, and beans as well as therapeutic milk. Sister Carmen uses a special recipe to prepare nutritious meals that help malnourished small organisms quickly make up for dietary deficiencies. We also buy medicine and finance the hospitalization of the weakest children. Once they’ve gained enough strength to go to school for the first time, we help pay for their tuition. There is no other similar organization in the region, so if not for you, these kids would never receive this opportunity.

If you want to help us save more Mauritanian children, put a smile on their face and offer them hope – invest in the future of the world and join us! The cost of one meal is just a few PLN but it can make a world of a difference for the people we are helping. We encourage you to visit our unique online charity store (Good 24/7). You can be sure that you will not make such GOOD purchases anywhere else!

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