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The country is very underdeveloped economically. The basis of its economy is agriculture, generating around 40% of the GDP and employing around 60% of the working population. Togo is among the countries with the lowest level of social development.

  • poverty is everywhere, especially in the rural areas, where around 69% households live below the threshold of poverty
  • the basic factors that lead to poverty are: lack of food security, insufficient access to health care, unemployment and insufficient number of jobs, especially among the younger generation
Every year, the pharmacy helps around




It is hard to imagine a better start for a new Good Factory! Pope Francis himself, through his alms-priest Archbishop. Krajewski, will finance a YEAR’S supply of basic medicines for the Saoude pharmacy. 5,000 EUR will allow us to purchase a great deal of painkillers, antibiotics, and antimalarials.

Pope Francis laid the foundation and our task is to continue to build upon that and do good. Let’s make sure we have not one type of antibiotic in the pharmacy, but three, not one drug for hypertension, but two or more! Let’s create an even bigger supply of the desperately needed paracetamol! Let’s help good create more good!

Share this message with others: we are building our next factory in Saoude! If we do well today, perhaps we’ll set up a new, comprehensive health center there? Let the poorest among us feel that they are not forgotten, that they matter to us, and that we will do EVERYTHING we can to pull them away from evil, misfortune and illness. Let them feel that they have new friends not only in the Vatican but also in Poland and anywhere, where the people of Good Factory are!

Urgent help needed

Make Good Not War

One year on, food and warm items continue to be in urgent need in the war-torn towns and cities. Ukrainian children, elderly people, people with special needs and disabilities are among the people who we care for every day. Their survival depends on receiving basic staple food: bread, milk, canned meat and grains.
Let’s show that one year after the outbreak of the war, we all still stand with Ukraine! United and strong! Let the Ukrainians see how many friends they have!

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We already have :
8,266 EUR
We need:
5,556 EUR
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