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Rwanda is one of the smallest countries on the African continent, and the most densely populated one. There are around 463 inhabitants per 1km2 here! Due to its natural landscape, Rwanda is sometimes referred to as a land of a thousand hills, and due to its history, also a land of a thousand problems.

  • around 12 million inhabitants
  • in 1994, it was a place of genocide – in 100 days, about 1 million people of the Tutsi tribe were murdered, 2 million escaped from the country
  • agricultural country – farming generates about 63% of income from export (including coffee, tea, bananas)
In 2023, we organized long-term palliative care for


persons in the country
We finance the education of


children of employees and deceased patients


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to school closures around the world, depriving 463 million students of access to education. Due to social inequality and lack of internet access, many students have not been able to participate in any form of remote learning.

Good Factory is focused on creating equal opportunities for all and we’ve been working hard to make sure our children can continue their education. A few years ago, we promised Specioza and Claire, patients of our hospice in Rwanda, that we would take care of their children. We’ve kept our promise and provided the children with the best care possible and access to learning aids. The building they live in, however, is too small to accommodate so many students learning remotely – especially since the number of residents continues to grow. Next month we will move them to a larger, more comfortable space.

With the addition of this new space, our costs will increase. We also need to purchase more tablets as there simply aren’t enough for six children, especially since they all start school at the same time. We are looking forward to these changes as we know that you will continue to help us create a happy home and the best learning environment for our children.

We love seeing them excited about their school work. Your support has helped them get back on their feet after incredibly difficult life experiences, and their gratitude and enthusiasm towards new possibilities shine through every day.

Visit Goodworks24. Support Olive or Claire’s orphaned children. We’re all they have!

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Save the Pharmacy for the Poorest in Togo

This amount will allow for equipping pharmacy shelves for the first half of the year. Ania and Mateusz will take care of this, and they will fly to Togo in February and fill the shelves with the most essential antibiotics, antimalarial drugs, and pain relievers. The Saoudé Pharmacy has people to save. It cannot succeed without your support.

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