The average inhabitant of Burkina Faso has to live on merely 5 PLN a day

Burkina Faso

According to the UN, it is one of the least developed countries in the world. It has one of the lowest values of HDI (Human Development Index). It amounts to 0.4, placing Burkina Faso on the 185th place among 188 countries.

  • 43.7% of the society makes less than 1.90 USD per day
  • the youth literacy index is 52.5%, which makes it one of the lowest in the world
  • only 37.7% people aged 15 or more can read and write
  • 80% of the employed population works in agriculture
We teach resourcefulness and the basics of farming to about


families from the village of Gourcy
We are training


women for the profession of a dressmaker


“People have no way out. They flee their homes, leave the northern areas and migrate, although they themselves do not know where to go, where to look for rescue. Imagine two meals a day as a luxury, one meal as a completely uncertain and, for many, unattainable standard,” says Gosia.

To show you the situation in Burkina Faso based on facts, Gosia Tomaszewska went to the market. She compared the current prices of basic products with those at the beginning of February, before the outbreak of war in Ukraine:

Maize. The price per 100 kg skyrocketed by 100 per cent from 109 PLN to 218 PLN. Rice went from 130 PLN to 217 PLN. The staple of local cuisine, oil, rose from 90 PLN (for 20 litres) to 189 PLN, becoming a luxury item overnight. Similarly, sorghum: for 100 kg you have to pay twice as much – no longer 131 PLN, but over 260 PLN. A simple pen, which will soon be needed by schoolchildren returning to school, has become three times more expensive, and the fertiliser needed to grow crops on barren land has increased from 109 PLN to 326 PLN. The price of flour, butter and beans has also doubled.

Remember, less than 5 PLN a day. That is how much the average resident of Burkina Faso has to live on. In a country where nearly 80% of the population is unemployed, what is happening right in front of our eyes makes it necessary for us to immediately come to the rescue of those in our care – that is, the 42 families. Without us, they simply cannot cope.

Our plans for the coming months include the purchase of a supply of maize, the purchase of tools and seeds for the garden, school supplies for the poorest families and the continued development of the vegetable garden, which already not only provides work but saves the people of Gourcy and the surrounding area from starvation. Without you, we can’t do it! Help us to save the people of Gourcy from hunger!

Help a little girl utter her first sentence

Speech therapy for Gisele

Gisele's mother has not been able to find the reason why Gisele does not speak and experiences seizures during which she falls, becomes rigid and cries. Lack of money for diagnostics meant that she could only wait for the seizures to pass. We could not accept such powerlessness.

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