Let's help Gisele say the most beautiful words in the world

Burkina Faso

According to the UN, it is one of the least developed countries in the world. It has one of the lowest values of HDI (Human Development Index). It amounts to 0.4, placing Burkina Faso on the 185th place among 188 countries.

  • 43.7% of the society makes less than 1.90 USD per day
  • the youth literacy index is 52.5%, which makes it one of the lowest in the world
  • only 37.7% people aged 15 or more can read and write
  • 80% of the employed population works in agriculture
We teach resourcefulness and the basics of farming to about


families from the village of Gourcy
We are training


women for the profession of a dressmaker


Gisele won’t say the words every mother wants to hear. The nine-year-old can show her love with a gesture. A firm hug until her mother becomes breathless. But one fit of terrifying detachment is separated from another only by a poignant silence, or a sound that is an attempt to communicate but takes no shape.

Gisele’s mother has not been able to find the reason why Gisele does not speak and goes through seizures during which she falls, becomes stiff and cries. Lack of money for diagnostics meant that she could only wait for the attack to pass. We could not accept such powerlessness.

Thanks to your support, we were able to start the diagnostic process right away. Countless tests: neurological, imaging (MRI and EEG – all in Burkina Faso!), ENT and speech therapy all paid off.

What have we established?

– The girl suffers from epileptic seizures, so we immediately implemented medication to stop them!

– We suspect autism spectrum disorders, which we are monitoring and further diagnosing

– The lack of speech is not due to neurological problems; Gisele also has excellent hearing (and this is great news!).

So what is our plan?

Gisele needs the support of a speech therapist who will patiently, from scratch, teach her to utter words. Once a week, our cheeky girl gets provisions from us, goes to class and patiently practices her speech, quickly making progress. We haven’t forgotten about neurological care either – epileptic seizures can return at any time.

How can you help?

Gisele’s therapy, all the travel, provisions, follow-up visits to the neurologist and medicines cost money. Prices in Burkina Faso are not at all different from Polish prices. This is no small cost, which is why we have created a fundraiser. If you want to help Gisele say the most beautiful words in the world, go to the fundraiser and make a small donation – even if it’s the equivalent of a sandwich for the road. We know that together we can do it!

Urgent Help Needed

Save the Pharmacy for the Poorest in Togo

This amount will allow for equipping pharmacy shelves for the first half of the year. Ania and Mateusz will take care of this, and they will fly to Togo in February and fill the shelves with the most essential antibiotics, antimalarial drugs, and pain relievers. The Saoudé Pharmacy has people to save. It cannot succeed without your support.

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We already have :
3,423 EUR
We need:
6,667 EUR