More problems on Lesbos!

Emergency aid for residents of Moria 2.0

We are now responding to the recent wave of rejected asylum applications. We help the most vulnerable families residing at Moria 2.0 in their efforts to find shelter and avoid deportation, a guaranteed death sentence for many.

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We already have :
43,143 PLN
We need:
73,000 PLN


Rehabilitation Angel

A physiotherapist who has been doing wonders at our hospice.

Since we have got a specialist in this field, the condition of many patients has been improving.

Patients who have been bedridden for years are now able to sit down thanks to regular exercise, which they would never have had access to without the hospice. Sylwester gets on very well with the hospice patients, and he does his best to encourage them to exercise.

He gets to face new challenges every day. More and more patients need his assistance, and Sylwester needs professional physiotherapy equipment, which we do our best to provide gradually.

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